About us

Pho 7 Spice is a family venture that started as a dream for owner Tony Nguyen. Every Vietnamese family has their own special recipe for pho, and Tony’s version has always been well-loved by family and friends. He has spent years perfecting the ideal combination of herbs and spices that gives the dish its signature fragrant aroma and balanced flavor. In hopes of sharing Vietnamese Cuisine with all of our neighbors and friends, Tony joined with his brothers-in-law to build Pho 7 Spice from the ground up. Every detail from the hand-finished wooden tables and dividers to the custom lighting fixtures were carefully crafted by Tony and his family to create the inviting atmosphere you see today.

Monday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday Closed